My Store

This is the link to my store. If you have any queries on purchasing something please don't hesitate to ask.

My store


  1. Goes straight to your store - awesome Angexxoo

  2. This is great that it goes straight to your store.
    Do the same on your Facebook Page.
    Near your cover photo click on the button that says 'create call to action' then choose 'shop now', then type in the link that goes straight to your store.
    I'll be holding a free 'Facebook for Business' workshop in Gayndah in the next few weeks that you could get some great information on who to use Facebook most effectively for business purposes.
    I'll let you know once a date has been set. They run from 6pm to 9.30pm for one night only.

    1. Hi Amanda. I already have this on my Facebook page. I will be there to learn some more.